Support for hosted Exchange

Our engineers work behind-the-scenes to keep your cloud performing at the highest levels. This ensures that nothing distracts you from growing your business.

But should the need arise, our support philosophy for hosted Exchange is simple: we’re here when you need us. And we respond to you, fast.

Here’s what you get with Intermedia hosted Exchange support:

Expert phone support All of our support technicians are Microsoft certified.
All-hours availability 24/7 phone and chat support is included in most plans.
Short hold times We answer the phone in 60 seconds or less. (This level of service beats executive support at Fortune 500 companies.)
Commitment to resolution Unlike other providers, we won’t push you to self-help solutions. We’ll stay with you until we resolve your problem.
No 'critical issues' standard Unlike other providers, we don’t enforce a threshold for phone support. Admins can call us for help with any issue.
No lock-in to a single person Your account history is available to the entire support team. Each of us has the context to solve your problems.
Commitment to quality We don’t pressure team members on call length. All our key metrics are related to first-call resolution and customer satisfaction.
Obsession with satisfaction We’ll survey your satisfaction after every call. And we’ll contact you every six months to get your feedback.
No outsourcing. None. Every single support team member is a direct employee. Our overnight support office is manned by English-speaking team members whose certification and problem-solving ability equals our daytime staff.
Senior technicians are available If you have a highly technical challenge, feel free to request a Level 2 support technician.
Going beyond individual cases You can request a 90-day review of all your support cases to identify and eliminate recurring issues.

“They [the competition] can’t hold a candle to Intermedia’s support, which it legitimately touts as industry leading.”

Ed BottZD Net

What happens when something happens?

Every cloud provider has its hiccups. Even Microsoft. What sets Intermedia apart is how we resolve the problem—and how well we keep you informed. Here are our promises to you:

  • Quick notification of any issue. We’ll go from identifying an issue to notifying the impacted customers within five minutes. That’s how you know that we’re on the job and solving the problem.
  • You choose your contact methods. We can notify you via many channels, including email, SMS, text-to-speech phone calls, and/or control panel alerts.
  • We keep you in the loop. After an initial notification, we deliver hourly updates via the same channels until the issue is resolved.

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“Intermedia support gives me speedy answers to my questions. Even if they need to research the issue, they get back to me within an hour or two—which is another big difference from our treatment by Google.”

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