SharePoint hosting

Increase Collaboration and Efficiency with Windows SharePoint Hosting Services From Intermedia.

What is it?

Intermedia's Windows SharePoint hosting Services is a powerful platform for building shared document repositories, corporate Intranets, and project-specific websites. There is no hardware or software to manage, and accessible anytime, anywhere through a Web browser. Intermedia offers both stand-alone and hosted Exchange-integrated SharePoint Plans.

Share Documents, Calendars and Ideas with Co-Workers and Partners

Use hosted SharePoint Services to share documents, calendars and ideas with co-workers and partners. Windows SharePoint Services is a platform for increasing team productivity. Businesses of any size can leverage SharePoint for building corporate portals and Intranets, and shared document repositories to increase collaboration within a company, and between a company and its partners, vendors and customers.

With Windows SharePoint Services you can share documents, calendars, contacts, links, ideas and more, without wasting time inefficiently exchanging emails.

Hosted SharePoint from Intermedia

Intermedia enables businesses to quickly realize the benefits of Windows SharePoint services with its hosted solutions. There is no hardware of software to buy, set up or manage. Intermedia sets up and hosts your SharePoint server from its world-class datacentres - monitoring, managing and maintaining your server 24 x 7 x 365. Intermedia performs daily backups of your SharePoint data, and includes 24 x 7 x 365 customer support.

Integrated with Microsoft Exchange

Intermedia offers Windows SharePoint Services hosting as a stand-alone solution, as well as integrated with its hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 solutions. Integrated with MS Exchange and SharePoint solutions enable deeper team collaboration through familiar tools including Microsoft Outlook.

Features & benefits

Document Management and Collaboration

Use SharePoint to create workspaces to store and collaborate on documents. Team members with access to a workspace can read and edit documents stored in the workspace. Check-in and check-out functionality puts a document in a read-only mode while It is being edited to ensure team members do not overwrite one another's edits, and manages version control. These powerful features eliminate the need to distribute documents through mass emails where drafts easily get lost among recipients.

Project Management within Sharepoint hosting from Intermedia Project Management

Create project-specific web sites with SharePoint. Use built-in task list, calendar, and document collaboration features to organise a team around specific tasks and deadlines. Changes can quickly be updated in the project and reflected in each team member's calendar.

Easy Configuration and Management

Using HostPilot, Intermedia's award-winning control panel, you can quickly configure and manage your SharePoint environment. HostPilot's web interface enables you to add and remove users, change permissions, utilise templates, and manage other important account and SharePoint site settings easily, and in real time.


Intermedia offers the following pre-built templates for SharePoint to help you maximise its usefulness as quickly as possible. These templates can be applied to your SharePoint sites through the HostPilot control panel.

Template NameDescription
Basic Meeting Workspace A site on which you can plan, organize, and capture the results of a meeting. It provides lists for managing the agenda, meeting attendees, and documents.
Blank Meeting Workspace A blank meeting site that you can customize based on your requirements.
Blank Site A blank site that you can customize based on your requirements.
Blog A site on which a person or team can post ideas, observations, and expertise that site visitors can comment on.
Decision Meeting Workspace A site on which you can track status or make decisions at meetings. It provides lists to create tasks, store documents, and record decisions.
Document Workspace A site on which colleagues can work together on a document. It provides a document library for storing the primary document and supporting files, a tasks list for assigning to-do items, and a links list to point to resources that are related to the document.
Group Work Site This template provides a groupware solution that teams can use to create, organize, and share information. It includes the Group Calendar, Circulation, Phone-Call Memo, the document library and the other basic lists.
Multipage Meeting Workspace A site on which you can plan a meeting and capture the meeting's decisions and other results. It provides lists for managing the agenda and meeting attendees. It also provides two blank pages that you can customize based on your requirements.
Social Meeting Workspace A site on which you can plan social occasions. It provides lists for tracking attendees, providing directions, and storing pictures of the event.
Team Site A site on which a team can organize, author, and share information. It provides a document library, and lists for managing announcements, calendar items, tasks, and discussions.