Company Disclaimer

Company disclaimer

Intermedia's Company Disclaimer feature lets you enforce a legal disclaimer policy on all email that your staff sends outside your organisation.

Our Company Disclaimer feature allows you to add important legal and company signatures to all emails sent out of your Exchange account.

  • Non-changeable. Individual end users do not have the option to edit or remove the disclaimer from their email.
  • Flexible. Allows for formatting, including choice of font, color, size and additional formatting options.

As legal and compliance risks grow, the Intermedia Company Disclaimer feature is an effective way to enforce a company-wide email policy.

"With company disclaimer, I can include our legal warning on all outgoing emails."

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To add a Company Disclaimer to your existing Intermedia account, login to the HostPilot® Control Panel.

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To get started with Company Disclaimer you will need our hosted Microsoft Exchange service.